List of Deaths in Farmers’ Protest at Delhi Border since 24 November 2020

For a quick access to the complete summarised list,  please follow the following google doc link: Martyrs of Farmers Protest as on 15 December 2021 This blog is created with the sole purpose of recording the deaths of all the farmers or supporters of Famers’ Protest 2020-2021 happening currently at the borders of Delhi, India. This is to remind everyone of the human cost of the protest lest one forgets what this fight is against. This is also to commemorate the participation of these martyrs towards a cause that is bigger than just farmers’ rights and is emerging as a movement for the rights of the entire humanity.  I have been assisted by Harinder Happy (resource person) [IG @emptypocketofheart] and Sajneet Mangat (data visualisation) [IG @womangat] (January to mid Feb) since January 2021 in the maintenance and updating of this list. I am assisted by Amar Mander [ IG @unfriendly.robot] in proofreading and maintenance of the blog since February. I will appreciate it if the reader